Van Guard Pipe Carrier

Van Guard Pipe Carriers & Tubes

Lightweight silver anodised aluminium pipe carriers from Van Guard are perfectly designed for carrying copper tubing. The pipe tubes have a twin opening and locking feature, with aerodynamic plastic end caps to reduce noise and minimise wind drag. They include steel internal bulkhead for added strength and integrated locks at both ends with keys.

Here are some additional features of the Van Guard pipe carrier:

  • Suitable for carrying 15mm copper tubes
  • Twin opening and locking at both ends
  • Aerodynamic end cones to reduce wind noise
  • Crash tested to capacity to 20g
  • Optional PVC liner available to protect your piping
  • Bespoke pipe tube lengths available

To find the correct Van Guard pipe carrier for your van, select from a Category below:

Citroen van pipe carrier
Ford van pipe carrier
Mercedes van pipe carrier
Peugeot van pipe carrier
Toyota van pipe carrier
Volkswagen van pipe carrier
Fiat van pipe carrier
Hyundai van pipe carrier
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